An Apartment We Could Afford and is Also Really Nice

We were not going to skimp on a place to live. However, we did have a budget we had to keep to. It is tough to resolve something like that. I had a friend offer us an apartment in a place he owned. Well, we politely turned it down. Sure, the rent was great, but the place was not. There was no way we were going to have our kids live in a place like that. So, we kept looking for South Charlotte apartments that were nice. We needed three bedrooms, and the place had to allow pets. We were not getting rid of our dog, Pete. He has been a part of our family for four years. We adopted him at a local animal shelter.

My wife showed me the CityView Park South apartment homes, and I was immediately impressed. However, I figured that the rent was going to be too much for our budget. Since they have a pool, Bark Park and a super nice gym, I could deduct the cost of our annual memberships to the gym, pool and dog exercise area we were paying for. They also have a care care center, so I could save on the car washes. With all the amenities at the apartment that we did not have to pay separately elsewhere for, we were right within our housing budget for the rent. We could not pass this place up.

The apartment has ceilings that soar to nine feet. It really opens up the space making it feel so open and airy. The windows let in a tremendous amount of natural sunshine. This is the first apartment we have lived in that does not feel like living in a cave. The kitchen is incredible with its stainless steel appliances and glass backsplash. I am so glad we discovered the CityView Park South apartment homes.