Beginning Anew Under the Sun

I picked one of the worst times to move to Florida. The summer heat is so unbearable during these months, but there is a bit of consolation in that the beach isn’t too far, so I can always cool myself off in the ocean water. Before coming to Florida, I looked for apartments for rent in Brandon and got a good deal on one. I moved there with my brother because we wanted to use Florida as our base of operations for our business. We moved there from Wyoming, which we considered boring and not really the best place for the kind of business that we wanted.

We started a small t-shirt and skateboard company back in Wyoming, but there aren’t a lot of people who would buy what we were selling there. We thought about places where our products would be more likely to sell, while also taking into account the cost of living in these places. Moving to our primary sales location was necessary because we wanted to have a hands on approach with the business. Rather than farming out production and sales to some company, we wanted to oversee things directly and become familiar with our customer base.

Once we moved in and set up shop in a rented building in Florida, we started printing our shirts and creating custom skateboards. Local people and tourists come from all over to get what we’re selling in the shop. We’ve gotten a lot of requests from people who want to ride long boards. I think we can get a bit more money by incorporating another product into our store. Since we’re in a place that gets a lot of sun, we think sunglasses would be a safe bet. It’s fairly easy to add a personalized logo to the frames of sunglasses.