I Found a Really Nice Place

It was sort of strange really, but the other day I started to look around for a nicer place to live and I found some apartments in Summerlin for Las Vegas Nevada. The place that I found was a lot nicer than I could afford, but I realized that there was a familiar face by the pool. In fact this was a really gorgeous familiar face, a girl that I had gone to school with and like every other red blooded boy in school I had been attracted to her in a very big way. I leaned over the fence and called out her name. It sort of surprised me that she remembered me, since that was almost six years ago and I do not think that she hardly noticed me back then. She told me that she was living there with two other girls, both of them were right there with her and they impressed me in the same way that she had when I was a teenaged boy.

At any rate she told me that her neighbors had lost their roommate, one of them. That was key to me. If it was a two bedroom place that might not have been a bit too much for me. However if it was a three bedroom apartment that would probably be less expensive than my other options. I talked to these guys the next day and they were obviously eager to find a third guy to live there. I was ready, but then I did a bit of homework and I started to have some doubts. At any rate I decided to go for, mostly because of the girls that I had seen sitting around beside that pool and the fact that I was eager to take a run at one of them.