Living in a Place I Am Proud of

I have never lived by the beach until now. I started looking at Miami Beach apartments about four months ago, figuring that it was time I upgraded my living conditions. I had been living in the same rundown apartment for nearly seven years. At first, it was a necessity because I just was not making enough money. Since then, I have paid off a lot of bills, plus my income has more than doubled. I just did not need to live in a place like that anymore, and finding a beachfront apartment seemed like a huge upgrade to me.

I spent a lot of time at the beach anyway, so I figured I would save on gas money too if I didn’t have to drive 20 minutes to get there. It would also put me a lot closer to work too, so there really were no downsides to looking for a new place to live. I only looked at a couple of complexes because I had been scoping them out for some time. I had a feeling I was going to go with Treasures on the Bay, but I still wanted to make sure I looked at everything for the complexes I had chosen.

I wish I could say that they were all equal, but Treasures on the Bay really outshone the others. I can literally walk out my front door and feel the sand on my toes within 90 seconds, that is how close I am to the beach. I have my choice of three resort style pools, plus a fitness center with all the great equipment, so I was even able to cancel my gym membership. Like I said, there are no downsides to any of this, and I am just happy that I am finally living in a place that I can be proud of.