My Parents Live Closer to Me Now

When my parents told me they were moving here to the capital, I offered to help them find a place to live. I knew that they would be happy at certain places only, and it was just easier for me to scope things out for them. I figured I would do a search of the various luxury apartments for rent in Washington DC and then let them pick out the one that they seemed to like the most from the list I was going to compile.

The only problem was, I never compiled a list. Actually, that was not a problem, because the very first luxury apartment I looked at was perfect for them. I emailed my mom the information on it, and she agreed within minutes of seeing everything I had sent her. It took her a few minutes to look at the pictures because they are so breathtaking. The apartment complex is located in a very safe neighborhood, which was my main concern for them. Washington DC is breathtaking in all its glory, but it is not immune to crime either. That is why I wanted to look only in the areas where this was normally not a problem.

The amenities that are offered at this apartment complex is pretty wild too. On weekdays, there is a complimentary breakfast. They have both enjoyed it nearly every day since moving in, and they tell me that it is one of the highlights of their day. They eat together, but sometimes they will eat with friends who they have met there as well. They also enjoy working out together in the fitness center, and they have both become a lot healthier since they have each lost nearly 20 pounds each by doing this. I am just so happy that they are living closer to me, and I am happy that they are just as thrilled.