Perfect Place to Put Up My Mother

My wife and I needed to look into apartments for Oceanside CA due to my mother’s advancing age. She’s still in pretty good shape, but my father passed away about two years ago and now she’s responsible for taking care of the house in which she raised her children. I tried to stop by and help her out with things like the lawn and other stuff around the house, but it’s difficult when I have my own family. It goes without saying that I wouldn’t put her in a nursing home. We were raised to take care of family first.

The problem is that my wife and I don’t own a house large enough to take in my mother. It would be great if we had a spare room handy to set her up, but that’s not the case. In fact, our children already share a bedroom. Moving to a bigger home just simply wasn’t going to happen, not here in California. The housing prices are bad enough as it is. So it was obvious we needed to find her an apartment. We needed a place nearby too so that we could check on her as needed and visit for holidays.

My wife and I did some serious online research before settling on a place that is quite close to where we live. Mom liked it too and we of course listened to her input. We went over with Mom to take a tour and I have to say the apartments I lived in during my twenties weren’t anywhere near as nice as this place. It didn’t take too long to get Mom’s stamp of approval on the place so we signed all the documents and moved her in a few days later. She absolutely loves the apartment and the sense of freedom it brings!