The Best Choice for Our Family

When I was told that I was needed for a year long project in Colorado, my wife and I had a lot of major decisions to make. We ended up deciding that we did not want to sell our home and move there, especially since there was no guarantee I would stay on there for longer than the 12 month contract. She looked at apartments for rent in Colorado Springs on her computer, and that is how she found the Summer Grove apartments that are just a hop, skip and a jump away from my company headquarters.

We knew that she would end up flying out a couple of times, but I would be the one doing the majority of the traveling since we have two children at home too. I could take long weekends here and there, which was better than just having to rely on video chat to stay in touch. Since it was just going to be me living there, she found me a place that did not have a extraordinary amount of amenities. That helps to keep the costs down, which was not a huge factor since my company is helping with the costs, but it is just the type of people we are to want to save.

The apartment is really great too. It might not have a swimming pool out my front door, but it has everything I could possibly need right inside it. The rooms are large, and there is plenty of room here for when the family does come out to see me. Granted, the kids have to sleep in the living room, but it is just one big adventure for them anyway. The kitchen is extremely modern, and it is my favorite place to be since I prefer to cook my own meals. It does look like this contract will end after just one year, so this was the best decision we could have made.