There is No Better Apartment for Me

I thought that if you saw one apartment in Colton CA then you have seen them all. That would be very inaccurate though because it did not take me long to realize that The District at Grand Terrace is not like the majority of other apartment complexes in the area. First off, they do have the typical shared amenities like a swimming pool that is gorgeous and a fitness center that is open around the clock. They also have a playground for those people who have young children there. Pets are allowed as well, which is a huge plus in my book because I don’t go anywhere without my two cats.

I would love to get a dog, but cats are more self sufficient for me since I am gone for so many hours through the week. What really impressed me even beyond all the typical things is the covered parking. I have a Ford Mustang that I rebuilt with my father, and I treasure my car just like most guys do. I didn’t want to leave it exposed to the elements so having a covered parking area really makes me feel better about living here.

There is even a spa here. I know, most guys would not be caught in a spa, but I am not most guys. I enjoy the life of luxury too, and this is the perfect way for me to relax after a long day. I also relax just as well on my patio, since I can just sit there and chill, have a glass of wine and watch the gorgeous view that I have. I could not have custom created a better apartment for myself, and I am just excited that I looked here before I got locked into a year’s lease at some other complex!