We Now Have One Place That We Like to Come Back to Again and Again

We had been looking at different rentals on every single vacation we took to any place that had an ocean, but we had not really found the perfect place to keep coming back to until we looked at luxury vacation rentals for Cabo San Lucas people this last summer. We have been flying every summer to other countries that take quite some time to get to, yet we hadn’t been to Mexico yet. When we went to Mexico, we quickly became obsessed with the area. The surroundings are pristine and beautiful. The people are friendly and the restaurants serve delightfully tasty food and plenty of it.

While we love the water pretty much anywhere, and we always went to go visit the ocean every single summer, we had not found the perfect place until we went to Mexico. When we went this last summer, we were both amused that we have gone so far away to find our home away from home and we had ignored the country right next door to us for too long! The prices are great here, and we really love the culture. There are brightly colored homes that are painted in hues that match the ocean and sunsets. It is heavenly to walk down the beach each night when the sun sets or in the morning when you first wake up.

We ended up finding a place that is directly on the beach. We have the best view of any home in the area, and we were lucky to get the place at a really good weekly price, too. We have decided that we are going to come here every summer. There is no reason for us to go anywhere else anymore for vacations. We make sure to put in our reservations each year for the next year so that we can get it before anyone else can. It is filled with beautiful, beach-themed furniture. We have already met a lot of other people who vacation here at the same time annually, too. Our dog loves to go with us too.